How it Works

Scrubology offers several affordable cleaning packages to meet your needs. Each option can be customized to address the unique needs of your home. Scrubology is a fully licensed and insured company so we have you completely covered. We supply all cleaning products and supplies for each cleaning and arrive at your home ready to work. See the comprehensive lists below for a complete description of each of our cleaning packages.

Target List/Hourly Package

The Target List/Hourly Package is ideal for people with specific cleaning projects that they want to accomplish. This can be deep cleaning of certain areas, folding laundry, organizing closets, etc. This is a pay per hour option that allows you to completely customize the scope and time of the cleaning that you need.

Deep Cleaning Package

Deep Cleaning Package represents the most thorough cleaning service provided by our company. Every reachable surface within your home will either be scrubbed or wiped by our team of two professional housecleaners including:

Baseboards and trim work

Interior windows and blinds

Exterior cabinets/drawers

Light fixtures and doors

Floors, tabletops, counters and appliances.

Dusting underneath all items located on horizontal surfaces.

Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package

Our Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that needs to clean an empty home, apartment or condo. If there is a checklist is required in order to receive your full security deposit, we will ensure every item is completed. The cleaning performed for this package includes cleaning of:

All reachable surfaces from top to bottom in every room

All reachable vertical surfaces including baseboards, trim work

Interior and exterior of cabinets/drawers, interior windows, blinds, light fixtures and doors

All reachable horizontal surfaces such as floors, counters and appliances

Detailed cleaning of your oven, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances

Full dusting of all horizontal surfaces

Light trash pick-up and removal

Recurring Cleaning Options (Weekly, Bi-Weekly of Monthly)

Maintenance Cleaning Package

Our Standard Cleaning package is our most basic cleaning package. This cleaning package is an affordable option that typically compliments your own cleaning routine or Scrubology's "Premium Cleaning Package". The Standard Cleaning Package can be performed on a weekly or bi-Weekly basis. The cleaning performed for this package includes:

Sanitizing all counter tops, backsplashes and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms

Cleaning and disinfecting all tubs and showers including thoroughly cleaning shower doors

Cleaning the outside of all appliances

Cleaning inside and outside of Microwaves

Sweeping and mopping all floors

Vacuuming carpeted areas and rugs

Making beds

Emptying garbage cans/replacing liners

Light dusting each of your horizontal surfaces such as counters and/or tables.

Dusting ceiling fans

Premium Cleaning Package

The Premium Cleaning Package is designed for anyone who's schedule is to jammed pack to fit in routine cleaning of their home. This service is our most detailed cleaning for people that require our services on a regular basis. This cleaning package can be performed on a bi-Weekly or monthly basis.

The Premium Cleaning Package includes all of the items listed for the Maintenance Package, including cleaning and sanitizing of appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens, sweeping and mopping of floors, vacuuming carpeted areas and rugs, making beds, and emptying garbage cans/replacing liners.

The Premium Cleaning package goes one step further by performing additional tasks such as:

Changing bed linens (if left out for us)

Washing or loading dishwasher

Spot cleaning (baseboards, trim work, interior windows, doors and cabinets/drawers)

High dusting walls and ceiling fans

Thorough dusting of knickknacks and knickknack areas

Green Cleaning

We offer Green cleaning options for any of our cleaning packages listed above.


Clean inside Fridge, Clean inside Oven, Clean inside Windows, Fold laundry (priced per load), Clean inside Cabinets, Garbage Disposal Cleanout, Hand Wipe Blinds

Services NOT Offered

Cleaning of chandeliers, Wet wiping of light bulbs, Cleaning of bio-hazards (mold, etc), Hoarding, Animal waste/litter, Heavy scrubbing of walls, Heavy duty/steam carpet or any carpet cleaning, Hard-to-reach areas (higher than a 2-step ladder), Putting away dishes, Washing of exterior windows

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